Baby Shower Venues
Baby showers are a much-anticipated event for expecting parents. It’s a way for them to share the joy of parenthood with friends and family as well as get parenting tips and baby shower gifts that they’ll surely need once the baby arrives.

If you are tasked with planning the baby shower party, there are several things to consider including guest list, baby shower themes, baby shower favors, and the location for the baby shower. Choosing a baby shower venue can be a challenge. You’ll want to find a baby shower location that is convenient for both the expecting parents as well as their guests.

Search our comprehensive database of baby shower venues to find one that will accommodate all of the guests – as well as their many baby shower gifts. Baby shower locations range from restaurants to hotels to banquet halls. Whether you’re planning a baby shower brunch or afternoon tea, you will certainly find a variety of baby shower venues from which to choose.

Once you have venue in mind, consider what type of baby shower decorations you will need. Depending on whether the expecting parents know the gender of their new baby, you might be able to choose a fun gender-based theme. For example, if you’re hosting a baby girl shower, you could have a pink baby shower. Gender-neutral baby showers can be equally as fun and some theme ideas include diaper baby shower, ducky baby shower, or pooh baby shower.
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