Baby Shower Venues

As the hostess to the perfect baby shower it is important to consider the
venue in which you are going to have the baby shower.

Many baby showers are held in the hostess' home. This is a great cost saving
idea, but one must be sure the house is big enough to accommodate the guests
without anyone feeling crowded or packed in so tightly, they do not feel
welcome. A great thing about having the party in the hostess' home is the
ability to control the timing of the shower. You can either have a more formal
occasion with catered food and scheduled activities or you can host more of an
"open house" where guests can come at their leisure. The open house option
sometimes allows the new mom an opportunity to have quality time with many
different guests. A great baby shower favor to give during an open house shower
would be a baby shower heart shaped tea infuser or heart shaped measuring spoons that each guest can cherish and think of the new mom and her amazing new
adventures each time they enjoy a mug of tea or are baking a luscious treat.

Restaurants are another popular location for baby showers. The convenience of
having all of the food and drinks served to the guests is wonderful. This is
usually a more costly alternative venue, but it makes the hostess' job of
feeding all of the guests "a piece of cake". Speaking of cake, many restaurants
will serve a beautiful baby shower cake for dessert. How easy is that?

Restaurants with a party room are great for some added privacy. Using the main
dining area can result in guests being shifted around to accommodate the party
and regular customers. Also, with the "party room" you are able to control the
unpleasantness of inconsiderate smokers nearby. Any new mom and her doctor will
thank you for this. The perfect themed baby shower favors would include "on the
go" items such as mini purses that contain mini manicure sets or a hand bag
shaped mini frame for each guest. To embellish each place setting, you could use trendy shoe or purse shaped name card holders.

Many places of worship will let you use a fellowship hall or large classroom
for a baby shower. Make sure to make a donation to the church for letting you
use the facilities. Usually space isn't a problem when taking this route. If the place has a kitchen that the staff will let you use, you are in great luck! This
will make food preparation and serving a breeze. Make sure you get permission
before serving Aunt Ethel's Amazing Champagne Punch. Many churches do not allow
adult beverages. A great baby shower favor for this venue would be heart shaped
ice cream scoops or "Love Grows" wildflower seed kits. Each guest can cherish a
sweet treat or a beautiful bouquet of flowers long after the shower is over.

As a thoughtful hostess, keep in mind the many different venues that you can
have the perfect baby shower. Let the new mom's personality guide the way.

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