Free Printable Baby Shower Invitation Templates
I have created this free printable baby shower invitation template for those of you who may be in a hurry to get your baby shower invitations made, or just do not feel up to fiddling with desktop publishing software. This template is text only so you will need to jazz it up yourself. I did this quite intentionally so that the same template could create many different baby shower invitations.
Print this card onto cardstock to give it a little more bulk, plus it will look a little bit more classy. A cool twist - print these back to back and have them cut in half to create a traditional style folded card.
Use your imagination! Get creative! Try printing it onto different kinds of paper and adding ribbon or cloth embellishments! You can create graphics on the front by adding stickers or pictures! Make them any way you want them!!
These invitations are a 1/4 page fold format so basically all you need to do is print them out and fold them into quarters. Enjoy!
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