Noah's Ark
Hosting a baby shower with a Noah's Ark theme is one of the most popular baby shower ideas around!

Many mother's-to-be choose to decorate the nursery in this theme, so naturally their baby shower follows the same idea!

It is also perfect for a twin baby shower since the animals went "2 by 2".

Below are some cute ideas for hosting a spectacular Noah's Ark baby shower!

Food Ideas
â—¦Have snacks such as Chex mix and nuts with a sign next to them saying "Please Don't Feed The Animals"

â—¦Serve animal crackers in festive dishes

â—¦Bake sugar cookies and cut into cute animal shapes

â—¦We found a darling Noahs Ark cake at (click for directions)

â—¦Float a plastic boat in the punch bowl

â—¦For favors you can also make animal shaped sugar cookies, frost them and wrap 2 of the same kind in cellophane (to follow the "2 by 2" idea). Tie with a cute ribbon. You can also attach a little tag saying:
Mom-To-Be's Name
Noah's Ark Baby Shower
May 27, 2006

â—¦Animal crackers wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow

â—¦Gummy Bears in a plastic baby bottle

â—¦Hand out animal shaped soaps and/or bath beads. Put in a pretty organza bag

â—¦You can always find cute little items at the dollar store such as animal bath mits, fizzies and soaps

â—¦For a centerpiece which also doubles as a baby gift: find a plastic boat and fill it full of baby essentials (onesies, socks, rattles, lotions, etc) and cute little animals.

â—¦Another centerpiece idea is to buy a small umbrella, turn it upside down and fill it with baby items

â—¦If you have more than one table, for each centerpiece you can put two elephants on one table and two giraffe's on the other etc

â—¦Scatter stuffed animals all around...elephants, bears, bunnies, giraffes, zebras, lions, sheep, cows

â—¦Anything with rainbows on it

â—¦Raincoats and umbrellas also make cute additions to the Noahs Ark theme

â—¦Nursery Rhyme Animals: give clues to nursery rhyme animals such as - "who followed Mary to school one day?" or "What nursery rhyme animal jumped over the moon?" or "What nursery rhyme animal lived with Old Mother Hubbard?"

â—¦As guests arrive, have them take some animal crackers out of a bowl (tell them to have a seat, but not to eat their crackers) When everyone has been seated, go around the room and have each guest tell an interesting fact about themselves. One fact per animal cracker they took. This is a great icebreaker game!
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