Stork Baby Shower Theme
Celebrate with a Stork Baby Shower Theme! Isn't it true that when you think of storks, babies automatically come to mind? Storks are a perfect theme!

Send out some cute stork invitations, hand out some stork favors, decorate with stork partyware and just go plain STORK crazy! This theme is perfect for a boy or a girl baby shower. We have come up with a bundle of cute stork ideas for you to choose from.

From time to time, we stumble across some cute, out-of-the-ordinary products! If we feel they will add value to your shower planning experience, we will recommend them to you.

You will see a few of our special findings sprinkled throughout the page. Just click on the links to visit our friends!

Fun Food
â—¦Serve up a Stork Cake! You can either make one or purchase one at your local bakery. We found the cute cake above at

â—¦For a cute snack idea, place some bowls of chex mix or nuts around the room, along with cute labels saying "Stork Food" or "Please Don't Feed The Storks"

â—¦Put some round white mints in a bowl and label them "stork eggs"

Stork Centerpieces and Decorations
â—¦Decorate with a Stork Diaper Cake! It serves as both a centerpiece and a baby gift!

â—¦If you really want to go all out, we found a great inflatable stork yard announcement to put in your yard!

â—¦Spruce up your invitations and decorations with some Free Stork Baby Shower Clipart!

Stork Invitations
â—¦Send out some unique stork baby shower invitations to get the theme flowing! You can choose to make or buy your invitations . Craft stores have darling baby shower embellishments for card making.

Stork Themed Gifts
â—¦If you're looking for a cute gift idea, why not put together a stork baby shower-themed gift basket! Simply fill a basket with a stuffed stork and loads of baby gear such as lotions, powder, socks, bibs, get the idea! It will be a hit!
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